Wednesday, October 7, 2009

False start...

So much for getting back on schedule with the running... I think the big problem is I've been thinking that I would do it in the evenings. (I should know better). I really need to add it to my morning routine (and then if I do it again in the evening, then even better!).

But, since after today I am off for the next 11 days, I really have no excuse not to get it done... I don't want to let down those who have agreed to do this race with me (and I don't want them to back out either!!)

Happy Humpday!

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The Carter Family said...

well that is mostly my fault...sorry I kept backing out on you!! You'll have to give me more info on this race...I need to make an informed decision :) Hope your stretch of training goes well, bring your running shoes to Charleston!