Friday, August 28, 2009

My visit with the nutritionist (take 2)...

Sorry for the delay. I had computer issues.

So I met with the nutritionist Monday. I think it went pretty well...

First she complimented me on my current eating habits and my progress thus far. She said that she doesn't usually have someone come to her eating the way I do, so it wasn't as easy to make changes. But she came up with some good suggestions regardless.

1) Eat fewer calories. I don't count calories, but I did bring her my food logs. She calculated my current calorie intake in a day is around 1800-1900 calories. She said while this is probably good for maintenance, I should really be consuming about 1500-1600. I'm not really sure how to reach this without counting calories (which she said was something that she didn't want me to do and that counting calories -- that was her job). So I guess I will plug my journals into every now and again to make sure I'm on track.
2) Eat less protein. She said that I should be eating about 1-2 grams/kg adjusted body weight a day. That comes out to 70-140 grams of protein. Adjusted body weight is a nutritionist's calculation based on current weight and ideal body weight. This is close to my personal goal weight, about 140-145 lbs. Incidentally, my ideal body weight is calculated to be 118 lbs! I don't think that there is any way that I could get to that weight (or that I would even want to...). Sean totally disagrees on this point.
3) Choose healthy snacks. Yogurt, South Beach bars, nuts... I think I do a pretty good job on this one already. But she doesn't like dried fruits like craisins... says they're just sugar! She wants me to choose whole fruits instead.
4) Choose the right carbs. Again, I'm doing a good job here. She applauded me on choosing whole grain carbohydrates.
5) Look into a meal replacement shake with whey protein isolate. She liked the fact that I use a meal replacement shake, but she thinks I should look for a different one. She doesn't like that the advocare shakes are made with whey protein concentrate. She wants me to look into Unjury shakes... anyone heard of them??? Anyway, I have a lot of advocare products to use first before I can buy some new ones.
6) Make an appointment to see my doctor and have some labs checked. I'm due for a checkup. Hopefully my schedule and my PCP's schedule will come together soon.
7) Drink my water and take a vitamin. I think she has to say that, right???
8) Find ways to manage my stress (yeah, right). I admitted to her that I have a tendency to eat when I am stressed or bored. She told me to find different activities to manage these feelings. I know she's right, but I think this falls in the "easier-said-than-done" category... I'll give it a try!

So, there you go. I've done pretty well with this week, and I think I may have lost a pound or two. My next assessment is going to be in October so that I have some time to make these changes. I'm going to work hard, evaluate and make adjustments if need be. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never say never...

I think everyone knows that I don't cook. When I started working with Sean, it was enough of a struggle to get me to grill chicken on the George Foreman and microwave veggies...

One of my good friends, Stef, has a healthy living blog -- in it she features many healthy and yummy-looking recipes. In fact, cooking is one of her hobbies... something I admire and envy but never so much that I felt inspired to whip out my own pots and pans... until now!

Are you sitting for this? I cooked! A few days ago, Stef showcased this chicken recipe with artichokes and mushrooms... It looked delicious and the recipe seemed easy enough (apart from the emergency "how much minced garlic is equivalent to a clove?" call). It was quite tasty and it's good for me. I served mine with brown rice, but it could easily be served over pasta or stand alone (I think that's how I'll have it tomorrow for lunch!).

I even took pictures!
I dedicate this post to Stef, who inspired me to branch out and enjoy a healthy new recipe, and to Nikki, my friend from work who always encourages my food and fitness adventures. I'd share with her tomorrow, except that I know she doesn't like vegetables, and I'm pretty sure that includes mushrooms and artichokes...

Happy Sunday!
ps -- here's the recipe!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nutrition woes...

So, I've decided it's time to go and see an nutritionist. I have Sean's food rules and while they served me well initially, I think it may be time for something a little different. In all honesty, I think that when the rules became stricter (and anti-carb) it became harder and harder for me to follow them and so I rebelled. I'm back to the basic rules right now, but I figured it can't hurt to get an expert opinion.

However, based on the difficulties I had making an appointment, you would think I just said that I've decided to take on an experimental drug treatment or radical surgery. I called the nutrition clinic (bc all of the RD's at MCV recommended this one woman) and I was told that there were available appointments either Monday or the end of October. Being that I'm flirting with the number I promised myself I'd never reach again, I chose the former. Then I was told that I would need a referral from my doctor. I thought this is odd as I have a PPO and don't need referrals for my insurance. Well, I called the doctor's office and of course my PCP is on vacation. Her nurse called me and confirmed my insurance doesn't need referrals and so she was unclear on how she can assist me. When I called the nutrition clinic for clarification, they told me that they needed an MD referral so that they could have my height and weight and a diagnosis. I told her I would gladly provide that information, that being morbidly obese I clearly qualify to see a nutritionist, and that I plan on seeing one even if my insurance won't cover it. She then told me it would be against the law (?!?) for them to see me without being under the care of a doctor... who knew you needed an MD's order to learn more about healthy eating???

When I called my PCP's office back and explained the ricidulous-ness of it all, the nurse said she would try to get another doc to sign it (although just about everyone is on vacay in that office right now... Note to self: don't get sick!). I told her I would see if one of my friends from work would be willing to refer me. Lucky for me, one of the docs in the office overheard this conversation and said she would gladly do the paperwork...

So I guess all's well that ends well, but seriously...

Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

This post is for the girls...

Anyone have a suggestion for a good and supportive sportsbra? While most of the time mine does the trick, I'm finding I need a little more help when I do spinning class.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 second rant...

I should be working, but I need to a moment to complain (warning, it's a little gross)...

Let me paint the picture. I went to the gym at 4:45 this am to get my cardio in... Naturally, as one might expect, the gym is pretty empty at that time -- there are a plethora of cardio machines of all types available. So, I got on an elliptical machine and got to work...

Twenty minutes in (gym still empty) this guy decides to use the elliptical machine right near mine. No big deal, until he was snorting his snot! It seriously made me gag! I had to move because I couldn't take it...

... but seriously, WTF?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting back on track (again)...

And I'm back! I've decided that optimism is the only way out of this rut...

As painful as it was, I made it to the gym this am to do my extra cardio. I started a new journal. I figure a fresh, new journal is a fresh, new start. I'm equipped with my older, simpler rules and motivated by the threat of having to get back some of my old clothes (Lord knows I certainly don't want to waste any money on clothes that are bigger!)

I received a very pleasant surprise today that has boosted my happy thoughts and encouraged attitude. I recently read The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid. I loved this book! In it Shauna so eloquently describes her (and my) challenges and struggles in a way that I never could. It left me inspired and motivated all over again! Well, a little while ago I sent her an email to tell her how amazing I think she is and to thank her for sharing her story. I told her a little about my journey thus far and gave her the address to my blog. I never expected that I would hear from her but today I received an email from Dietgirl herself! Not only that, but I could tell from her reply that she in fact took a peek at my little blog... it made my Monday morning and I proudly showed it one of my friends at work (who loyally reads my ramblings and offers words of encouragement)...

Just the boost I need to get back on track!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My own worst enemy...

Aarrgghh... I'm up to some old (self-destructive) tricks.

It appears that I have been sabotaging myself. And I am getting dangerously close to a number that I promised myself I would never reach again. I don't know what is going on or why I am doing this to myself... Don't I want to be healthy and happy?

So, I'm getting back to basics. I'm going back to the rules that I was given when I first started with Sean. No more worrying about protein to carb ratios... at least not for a while. Maybe if I stop trying to be perfect I won't get discouraged and stop trying altogether.

For now I'm gonna keep on plugging away...

Happy Wednesday!