Thursday, July 7, 2011

My friend Lisa...

So, I went back to Body Back class this morning. I had to modify just about everything, but it was good to be there. It's great to be with all of these wonderful, supportive women. Everyone cheers each other on and it is just such a positive environment. I'm grateful that they've taken me in even though unlike everyone else, I am not a mother.

Which brings me to Lisa... She is a rockstar! She is only 9 lbs away from a big milestone and I am 100% certain that we will be celebrating this milestone really soon. She is truly amazing. Lisa pushes herself each and every day and always with the biggest smile on her face. She is such a fighter; today we were doing (or really, they were doing...) these crazy crabwalk/dip things across the room. There was a modification that we could do if we were not at that level yet but rather than opting to take the modification, she perservered and did it. I admire her resolve so much; I think of her every time I want to say "I can't" (and then I do it!).

Thank you Lisa for being an inspiration. I am honored that you are on this journey with me. Rock on!

Happy Thursday!

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LiLi said...

You made me cry! This time HAPPY tears! :) Thanks, Laura!!!