Friday, December 18, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Finished with my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards. I must say that it's a nice feeling. I still have the wrapping and the traveling to do and the 5 more days of work (afternoon shifts, my favorite!) to get through, but I think I'm almost ready.

The one thing I do need to work on is my game plan to avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with the holiday season. I intend to bring my sneakers and workout clothes so that I can hit the road for some exercise which should help some. But I need to figure out how to handle the rest of the stress that comes with the holidays. After all, I'm a nervous person by nature...

Anyway, I welcome your thoughts...

Happy Friday!

p.s. - I know that the song title is "It's beginning to LOOK a lot like Christmas", however I'm hoping that by changing it in my blog post I can ward off the snow that is supposed to fall this weekend... I am NOT ready for another snowstorm :(


Casey said...

I don't want the snow either! ;) to me, keeping reminders of what I am doing and why are important during potentially bad times.
1) I keep my lifetime keychain in my purse.
2)I write done what I plan to eat so I know I can make it through whatever event. I keep my food journal in my purse so I can glance at it.
3)And WATER. WATER always in my hand.
4)and probably the most important, step away from the food and get involved. with a conversation, a game, looking at pictures, taking pictures, cleaning up, reading, playing on the computer or anything that will keep you busy ;)

DC Food Blog said...

I don't know if being around your family involves a dog but having a dog helps immensely. If they start stressing you out, you just walk the dog. Most of the time noone's fighting over walking the dog and it means some decompression time for you. You can come up with errands to get some alone, non-people time.