Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to rewind... (since I'm going backwards anyway)

Things imploded yesterday at the gym... I've continued to have back and shoulder pain and it has been holding me back. The back pain is exactly the same pain I used to feel when I was heavier and I have no doubt that it is related to the weight that I have gained back. I used to be able to handle a lot heavier weights, and now I struggle with lighter ones. I was the elephant in the room (pardon the pun).

Yesterday during my workout when my back starting acting up (literally bringing me to tears again), Sean said "I think we need to back off on the strength training for a while". This broke my heart... I know it's probably true, but I am afraid that without the strength training I am heading for disaster. I need to keep going. I need to lose this weight. I am DESPERATE to lose this weight... I tried hard control my tears the best that I can.

So, what's next??? Lots of cardio, rehab exercises, and strict nutrition. I did HIIT on the elliptical training this morning for 30 minutes and while I worked hard, I noticed that I couldn't do as much there as I once could. How much exactly had I been slacking with the extra cardio?? Clearly, more than I led myself to believe. I'm going to persevere and get back to where I once was... it's just going to take patience.

Wish me luck!
Happy Wednesday!



ssinglak said...

Wow - haven't seen this till now. I'm very proud of you! Keep it up as it's very inspiring.

Hope said...

You can continue to lose weight or at the very least maintain with just cardio and watching your diet. Good luck!! I know you'll be on the losing track again soon!

The Carter Family said...

You can do it!! take the time to rehab so you can go at it better than ever!!

Missa said...

Maybe you should try some steady state cardio, but go for longer.. I know time is money and all, but it is better than tears!

Hope your shoulder-neck-back thing stops smarting you.


lydia eve said...

Good luck! You can do it!