Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting there...

Hey all --

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Richmond, VA. The sun is out and it's warming up -- and to risk sounding like a rhyming dork -- spring is in full swing!

I had a lovely walk/run this morning. Since I slacked off 2 weeks, I went back to week 1 of the C25K program. I found a couple of new podcasts with music that is more my style (the first one worked, but the music was a little too new-agey for my tastes). It was great, but harder than I remember. Payback for taking such a long break, I guess.

As I've mentioned before, I love when I am in this enthusiastic and positive headspace! I wish I could keep it sustainable. But maybe the better way to deal with this is by accepting the lows with the highs. Learn to work through the lows because the highs will return soon enough.


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Missa said...

Positive headspace is a keeper. I just need to fill my mind with all the good to crowd out the yuck. I know that is hard, but maybe those podcasts will get you there!!