Monday, October 10, 2011

Checking in / On the road...

Oops... I am behind on my blogging. I'm going to have to work on that.

Things have been coming along. My birthday came and I had a great celebratory weekend... and it showed on the scale. It's crazy how much of a change is seen with 3 dinners out (it turns out that most of it was water, but pretty disheartening nevertheless. What was worse was the struggle I had to get back on track the next week; I rely on that momentum to stay on track!

Which brings me to now. On Friday I left for a conference for the medical informatics part of my job. Given my track record I was naturally apprehensive about the disruption in my routine... Not only that, but I would have limited control over what I would have available to stay on track. What's a girl to do?

Well, I decided to develop a gameplan. First, I called on my support system to help keep me accountable. They have given me fitness assignments for the 6 days I'm gone. Also, I've been posting my food choices on our Facebook group page. So far, it's been pretty motivating to make a better choice knowing I have to report back later. Perhaps most importantly, I am focusing on doing my best and not beating myself up when I make a less great choice. There is always an opportunity to make a better one next time.

Today is day four and I've been doing fairly well. I have exercised every morning except this one (I needed extra sleep). We are walking all of the time. Aside from the social alcohol, I have been making healthy choices from the available options. And I've been focusing on the positives rather than beating myself up for the mistakes.

That's all for now... Happy Monday!

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