Saturday, January 3, 2009

Assessment Day

So, it could have been a lot worse. I did work hard this week and I mentally prepared myself for the gain. "Crazy Laura" did not show up today despite my 7# gain from last assessment. So, it's official and now I can start fresh from here. I'm kind of surprised that I'm hopeful and motivated rather than defeated and pessimistic.

My grand totals to date: 90# and 56.5" down... nothing to sneeze at. And I'll say it again so that I can remind myself -- it's a marathon, not a sprint!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Happy Saturday!!


Stef said...

You have accomplished so much! Congratulations, and don't sweat gaining a little over the holidays. Now it's time to look forward -- good luck!

Nancy said...

Congrats, Laura! You should be so proud of your accomplishments! Seriously, your successes are nothing to sneeze at!

Also, if I knew how to use a coach, I'd totally pick you too!

Happy New Year!