Monday, January 12, 2009

Changing it up...

It's time to make some changes... I think my body has become used to the elliptical machine and so I'm not getting as much out of it anymore. I've been a little off track with my nutrition and I think part of that has to do with boredom from eating the same things day in and out. And as much as I love working out hard with Sean, I have some inflammation in my shoulder that has made it dificult to push myself.

So, we're going to to shake things up! I'm trading in my elliptical workouts for the treadmill and trying to incorporate new foods into my diet. Even Sean has changed my training sessions -- we're adding more cardio and increased reps with lighter weights.

I've always had a "slow to warm" temperament and I tend to shy away from change. I'm a little bit frightened that this may make my progress stall further (it's difficult for me to reach the same intensity on the treadmill especially since I can't really run just yet), but I'm ready to give it the old college try!

I'll check in a little bit with how things are going...

Happy Monday!

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Cristina said...

Good for you for having the courage to change it up. I'm sure it'll make a good difference. Keep us posted.