Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to wish you all much health and happiness in 2009!

Even though I worked, I managed to get out to enjoy a little time with friends... They had been hanging out in the freezing cold in a quaint area downtown called Carytown waiting for a ball to rise (in NY, the ball drops... here it rises). Luckily, because I worked until 11, I only had to freeze for a little while...

They say that whomever you're with and whatever you're doing at midnight on NYE is what you will do the rest of the year... if that means that I'll be having a good time with good friends, then bring it on! (afterall, Richmond just isn't that cold all year long...)

This year, I made a different New Year's Resolution... to improve my work/life balance. I figured I didn't need to resolve to lose weight or get healthy in 2009 because I'm working toward that goal every day!

Anyway, however you are spending your New Year, I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


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