Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A promise to myself...

A few Christmases back I received this very pretty sapphire necklace, ring and earring set. I really liked it, but of course I couldn't wear the ring because I needed to get it re-sized (something I never got around to doing). I came across the ring the other day and tried it on... and wouldn't you know, it fits!

I've decided that I'm going to use this ring to help me on my journey (no, not in a dorky, "this ring has magical powers" kind of way). I'm using the ring to symbolize my goals -- both in terms of how far I've come as well as how I've promised myself to keep going and never give up... This way, I can look down and remind myself of what I'm doing when facing temptation and remember that whatever indulgence is calling my name is just not worth what I am working so hard to accomplish.

I haven't quite decided what to do about work since they discourage ring wearing in their "bare below the elbows" campaign to prevent the spread of infection -- maybe I can use the necklace in the same manner??

So far, doing a good job of getting back on track. I bought a real diet journal, so for now I'm tracking nutritional values as well as what I'm eating. I'm trying to see if I can identify patterns so I can fix them. Sleep (or rather difficulty sleeping) continues to be an issue -- I keep waking up in the middle of the night (mainly by aches and pains) or by not being able to breathe because of congestion. Grr...

Happy Wednesday!


Cristina said...

Great to see you on here and good to see that you're getting back on track!
Life happens, sometimes it's just so busy, it's hard to stay motivated...and it's ok as long as you get back on track...and it looks like you are.
I think the ring is a good idea...regarding no jewelry below the could wear the necklace like you said or put the ring on a necklace and wear it like that. I think that's a good reminder to keep you focused. I did something similar. I went and bought a charm bracelet and for every 5lbs I loose, I said I'd buy a new charm. :-)

Laura P said...

if I had a charm bracelet, with as much as I have to lose, I wouldn't be able to lift my arm with all of the charms I would have at the end

casey w said...

what a great anchor! I agree with putting the ring on a chain while at work. or on your ID badge?? Do you have your badge on a lanyard?