Monday, March 29, 2010

Power of Positive Peer Pressure / Week 2 Goals

Can I just say, I love my neighbors! They are such a good influence. I don't think I would have ever aspired to do any races on my own without their example. Everyone is so supportive of each other... it's just the best (clearly I'm rambling, but I really can't describe how lucky I am to have moved to such a cool street).

Anyway, one of my neighbors, Rachel P, is helping me get started on my own. She is also a trainer and owns a fitness company designed for moms called Stroller Strides. Be sure and check out her blog. I really appreciate all of her help and wanted to give her a little shout-out here...

Here are my goals for week 2:

MON (done): Run/walk workout on the treadmill - 60 min
- After doing the 10K, I wanted to be able to run more than ever. In the fall, Rachel gave me a training program to be able run the 8K, but it was a little too hard for me. So, I'm trying again, but starting out a little easier: run 30 seconds, walk 90 seconds for 20 min, then walk for the remainder of the time.
- It was challenging, but doable. I walked at 3.8-4 mph and ran at 5 mph all at a incline of 1. The second 20 minutes were a hill workout, with inclines of 2-10 and speed of 3.7-4 mph. The final 20 minutes were a brisker walk, incline of 2 and a speed of 4-4.3 mph. Calories burned: 825.

TUES: HIIT on elliptical/ab workout

WED: I'm considering taking today off, but if the weather is nice I plan on taking a walk after work.

THURS: Another run/walk workout. May be outside, but it's going to be an early am workout.

FRI: Either a swim workout or HIIT on the elliptical. Driving to NY, so will sneak small walks at a rest stops.

SAT: If it's nice, I'm thinking about walking Lake Mahopac. It's another long walk. If it's raining, I'm going to do a hotel workout (probably the elliptical, maybe the treadmill.

SUN: Rest, and enjoy Easter with my extended family.

I anticipate a few challenges. First, I go back to working the day shift Tues-Thurs, which means I have to get up and exercise at 5am without having someone to meet. Second, traveling means I need disruption to my routine and having to improvise (staying in a hotel, probably going out to eat with friends and family). I think being aware of the possible obstacles makes it easier to overcome them...

Happy Monday!

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DC Food Blog said...

outs. First, one plus about hotels - hot tubs and swimming pools. Reward yourself after working out with a nice swim and some chillax in the hot tub. Your muscles and mind with thank you. Second, work out right before bed. The exercise room is always more packed in the morning.