Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 1's plans...

So, I decided to post my weekly workout plans here...

Monday: (done)
25 min of HIIT on the elliptical/10 min abs
55 min walking/3.25 miles.

Tuesday: (done)
90 min walking/5.5 miles

elliptical workout. 30 min HIIT/15 min steady pace
abs/core workout

treadmill "hill" workout (speed 3.6-4, incline 5-10)

swim workout/laps.
abs/core workout

SATURDAY: RACE DAY! Monument Ave 10K ***

Sunday: rest :)

*** There has been a lot of inner debate about whether I should do the race or sit this one out. I definitely stopped training and feel a little unprepared. But after today's workout and after much encouragement from all of my friends and cheerleaders, I've decided to go for it!! If nothing else, I can certainly get a life lesson or two out of it (like the importance of follow-through and finishing something you started?)

So the promise I made myself when I decided to workout on my own was to do cardio at least 4-5 times a week, and some other workout (right now I'm focusing on core exercises because of all my aches and pains) 3 times a week. This week is ambitious... but I do have wiggle room if I need it. Just have to meet the minimum... the rest is bonus!

Happy Tuesday!

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DC Food Blog said...

Think of the 10K as a pulse check of how trained you are. Then look at a 10K sometime in the fall to see how you've progressed. I spontaneously did a 5 mile race early on in my training and it gave me a great idea of how in shape I was.