Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taking time off, part 2...

I know that originally the plan was to wait until I had a vacation planned for the week I take off. But, the need to take a break more urgently became readily apparent in the last couple of days. Plus, after looking at May's schedule I realized that I really don't have a good chunk of time to schedule a vacation.... so today was my last training session for a week.

Truth be told, I'm a little afraid of what this week will bring. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. And since I'm supposed to be more lenient (without going overboard) with my diet, I am concerned that I may not be ready to be let to my own devices... what if I don't have the self-control and fall back to all of my old habits?

Even though I don't have a vacation planned, I intend to spend some time doing things for me. Things to pamper myself like getting a massage, taking some long walks... maybe I can even plan a day trip or two.

I'm hopeful that after this week I will be re-energized and ready to tackle my fitness goals head-on with a positive attitude. I really hope that this is just what I need to start seeing some concrete results once again.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter!

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The Carter Family said...

sounds like a great plan!! I hope that your week off goes well!! Let me know if you want to go on a walk or something this week if the weather is nice!!