Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Running" update

Until I start a spreadsheet of my own, I'm going to put down my training here:

9/25 - non-running day: 30 min HIT training on the elliptical - level 5
9/26 - "running" day: 20 minutes alternating between 90 seconds of "running" and 60 seconds of walking. Finished off with another 20 minutes of walking. (did 1.6 miles in the initial 20 minutes and 2.7 miles overall).
- I think today's workout needs to be repeated before going on to the next level... I was doing fairly well until about 15 minutes in and then I couldn't maintain the "running" for 90 seconds. Definitely don't think I'm ready to conquer 2 minutes of running in a row.

Obstacles: this darn viral URI... I could swear I heard myself wheezing at about 18 minutes in. :( Hopefully, this cold will leave me soon.

You may have noticed my quotations whenever I use the word run... I assume they'll fall off when my confidence is higher, or when I believe what my efforts actually fit the definition of running...

Have a good one!

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The Carter Family said...

we're on the same wavelength, I was already getting ready to comment that you should stop quote-icizing your "running". Running has many degrees and you are most definately doing it! Now give yourself the credit you deserve!! Keep up the good work!