Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting back on track...

Hello blog-fans,

So today was a little better... I did get a good night's sleep, which made for a better morning. And I got myself to the gym for some cardio this am, which is great, because it always makes for a good start of the day.

I did pretty well with my nutrition, too... I diligently journaled and stuck to my nutrition rules. I took my supplements this am and had a shake with a banana for breakfast. I remembered to have my morning snack (one of my faves -- almonds and craisins). We had lunch provided by a diabetes educator today at work so it was a good and healthy lunch. But one thing that I struggled with today was that I was just so hungry! I guess my body is just getting used to my old routine, but I was pretty much starving about an hour and a half after lunch!!! I waited it out, had a protein shake and apple slices for my afternoon snack (which helped a bunch) and then an on-point dinner (grilled chicken and broccoli).

I did have to whine (via text messaging) to Sean during the day but I guess the important thing is that I got through the day. I think tomorrow (and each day after) will be easier, or so I hope...

Have a happy Hump-Day!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad you are getting back to it!

My weight loss so far has been 25 lbs...halfway there! I have a feeling the next 25 are gonna be really tough!

lydia eve said...

Good for you! Way to get right back on track!