Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A small step in the wrong direction...

So, for "funsies" today, I decided to step on the scale... I gained some weight back. Only a few pounds (but more than a couple), but it's in the wrong direction. I think there are a few explanations. I really was super-strict right before my assessment and didn't it up to the same degree after. So, there probably is a component of water weight involved (maybe both extra lost for the assessment and gained now).

The funny thing is, I'm okay with it. Not stressing at all... I wanted to let you all know since so many of you were hopeful I'd have lost those extra 3lbs by Thanksgiving, but it's not meant to be. It'll come off eventually. I haven't really decided on my next goal... it is either 100lb down by Christmas or just not to have gained anything come my next assessment (which is conveniently right after New Years). I'm determined not to drive myself crazy stressing about my weight, especially over the holidays. I'm just going to be mindful not to undo all of the hard work I have accomplished so far!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their short work week.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Meri said...

I often tout the "only weigh yourself once a week" mantra, but honeslty, I sometimes think even THAT is too much. The body is a strange contraption. And given that we live in an instant gratification kind of world, is it any wonder that when we have a good few days, step on the scale and see a GAIN, that we get agitated? Don't let the little setbacks be setbacks at all ... let them remind you of the good work you've been doing and the good work you will continue to do!

Huzzzah for not letting it get you down!!

Nancy said...

You go girl!!! Awesome mindset that, I feel, can only be gained through experience. YOU know your body...and what it is capable of. Good for you for listening to it!

Have a wonderful holiday!