Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My new favorite TV show...

Anyone who knows me (or has been reading this blog for a while) is going to find this completely ridiculous, but my new fave TV show is "Cook Yourself Thin"(5pm and 5:30pm on Lifetime). I know what you are thinking... but Laura, you don't cook! I know, I know. But this show may be just the thing to actually get me use more than the George Foreman and microwave in the kitchen!

Each show features a woman who wants to lose weight but is eating yummy and high-calorie foods. The 3 stars of the show (Allison, Candace and Harry) show them tasty versions of their favorites that have half the calories! And then they leave the women to their own devices armed with a "Cook Yourself Thin" cookbook and some healthy ingredients. They come back to visit 6 weeks later to check in and celebrate that the woman has dropped a dress size (or two) and are eating and cooking healthier foods.

I'll let you know when I actually make something and how it turns out...

Have a great night!

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The Carter Family said...

sounds like a great show! I look forward to seeing some different lunches when I get back to work :)