Sunday, January 17, 2010

10K training... off to a soggy start!

So, the Monument Ave 10K is 10 weeks away... and while I had hoped to get a head start on my training, in true Paletta fashion, I procrastinated instead. Although since all of the training groups I know about had their first run yesterday, I must be right on track.

The plan was simple... get up this morning before church and walk/run for 40-60 minutes. I went to bed at a reasonable hour and set my alarm for 6:15 -- I was ready! And when I woke up, what did I find??? It was raining.

Call it determination, stubborn-ness, or stupidity, I decided that a little rain wasn't going to wash out my first training session. So, off I went iPod full of my rocker girl tunes, full of a can-do-anything spirit! Ha! Ten minutes in, I was drenched! I think my clothes weighed an extra 5-10 lbs because they were saturated. I realized pretty quickly that I was not going to be able to get in all that I had planned... but I'd do my best.

All in all, it wasn't a terrible start. I did 2 miles in 30 minutes. I did more walking than running (as is still my usual M.O.), but I give myself an "A" for effort.

Until next time, Happy Sunday!


Stef said...

I'm so impressed that you're doing a 10k! I think I need that kind of goal to start motivating myself for exercise. What training program are you doing?

Laura P said...

I'm doing my own thing, based on an 8K training program I was given by a neighbor for the race I did in November and a program I saw on Unfortunately, the SP program is 12 weeks long, but I can adjust!

Casey said...

great job!