Saturday, January 23, 2010

False start...

I tried to get out there this morning and get my miles in. "Tried" was the operative word in that sentence. I ran out of steam pretty quickly and just couldn't get going. Especially the bursts of running... they just were not happening. I was only aiming for 90 second intervals. BOO!

I decided to come home and try again later... I mapped what I did do on SP - 1.09 miles in 16 min. My time is on target (I aim for 15 min miles or faster), but not a good enough workout for the day. Maybe I can get a neighbor to come later... this way someone can push me if I get stuck!



ashley!nocera said...

Thanks for the support! It's always appreciated. I guess wanting to see better results is just that little part of me who always has to be in control.. haha. But you're right, just learn from it and do better next week. Watch out, January 31st. I've got a date with the scale ... and this time, I'll be ready! haha


Missa said...

I think workout buddies are awesome. I need someone to kick me in the pants sometimes.. even if it is a phone call from someone saying, "whatcha doin'?"

Just keep moving and you will get there! Some days you just might be tired.


Anonymous said...

I could never do it alone. I dragged my husband with me over the weekend. His SKINNY self rode his bike next to me while I was walking as fast as I could move my legs.

Thank goodness I have a workout buddy at the gym or I probably wouldn't get a whole lot of working out in...