Saturday, January 23, 2010

A new day

Good morning, everyone!

I'm glad yesterday is behind me... it turns out that someone hacked into my "friend in need"'s facebook account and so really, I "helped" a stranger. Thank God I didn't help anymore, except for praying for him and for the ability to forgive him and myself. I learned an important lesson about trust and gullibility, and will be wiser the next time should something like that ever happen again. I know most of my friends are smarter and more savvy than me, but I wanted to let you know what happened so that you too can learn from my mistakes.

I didn't do the best with my nutrition yesterday either... I took my nap, but then came downstairs and proceeded to mindlessly snack. It's a good thing that I've cleared out all of the junk food from my home, otherwise the damage could have been much much worse.

But, today is a new day! I can put all of that behind me and start over... I woke up rested and am going to go for my walk/run shortly (I'm trying to wait for it to warm up a little more). I can make healthy food choices all day. I can do something kind for myself and try not to beat myself up for yesterday's mistakes... yes, today is going to be a much better day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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