Monday, January 18, 2010

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

DISCLAIMER: I had fitful sleep at best last night and I am CRANKY.

So, I decided to stick with training with Sean for now. What it boiled down to is I don't think that I would go to the gym and do strength training on my own. Also, although I probably sound a little bratty lately (out of my frustration about my setbacks), I really am grateful for the help he has given me. If I had never started working with Sean, I would probably be at least my starting weight and more likely heavier. He has given me tools that I use (or at least think about using) everyday that help me on my journey to a healthy life. And, although the new gym is terribly inconvenient for me and requires me to get up at 4am instead of 4:30, I do appreciate his flexibility in coming in earlier so that I can train in the first place. So for that, THANK YOU Sean... I don't know where I would be without your help.

HAVING SAID THAT, sometimes going to the trainer just infuriates me. I have a lot of pain issues (I think subacute sports injuries or complications of my being so big), especially in my right shoulder and my lower back. These pains prevent me from doing some exercises for the number of reps or the weight that Sean would like. I let him know that I am in pain, but often I think that he thinks I'm just making excuses. What I would like for him to do is acknowledge the pain and modify the exercise, rather than either just ignoring me and making me push through it or just getting angry and stopping the exercise altogether. The other thing that drives me crazy is when there is a simple misunderstanding in his instructions. What happens he'll say something like "stand behind the bench" but mean in front and it confuses me or he'll say do push-ups "off of the knees" which I take to mean stay off of my knees. Rather than just clarify, he appears to get annoyed. All I'm asking for is a little patience.

So there you go... I told you I was cranky! Hopefully tonight I will get more sleep and be back to my usual sunny disposition!

Happy Monday!


Missa said...

I just started to follow your blog. I too am on a weight loss journey, though I really just started. Perhaps you should have this very conversation with your trainer? It never hurts to have a reset of expectations on both sides. Sean's job is to push you, but also motivate you. He also should know when doing an exercise is going to hurt you, provided you have disclosed to him all your previous injuries. If after your conversation you still feel the communication isn't there, then maybe it is time to say goodbye and try someone new.

Best of Luck!

lydia eve said...

I am picturing a pissed off Bob from The Biggest Loser. :) I can see where that would be frustrating!!

Casey said...

Have you chatted with Sean about the communication issues? Asking for clarification is a great thing to do! You have made great strides through all of this. Fantastic job! I don't think what you are asking for here is too much. Maybe he just doesn't know that is what you need.

Laura P said...

Thanks for the support and advice!

I've tried talking to Sean about communication, but that's not so easy to do. He gets really defensive and isn't receptive to that sort of feedback.

It kind of feels like when you hang out with someone too much and so the littlest things annoy you ab that person (and vice versa). I'm sure he feels that way too!

Oh well, tomorrow is my day off from the trainer. So, maybe it'll be better on Thurs.

DC Food Blog said...

I'm just going to say it. Fire Sean. If he's defensive about the communication talk then he needs to go. As someone who exercises regularly, I've found the key to doing that is making sure I don't get injured. It sounds like you aren't trying to go easy, you're just trying to find a way to do the exercises sanely and safely.

Anonymous said...

as a personal trainer myself, I tell you that that behavior is not acceptable. After a workout you should feel tired, sore, but motivated and inspired. Come down and talk with me more!
You can do this and no one should stand in your way!