Friday, January 22, 2010

Laura and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Some days, I wish I had just stayed in bed...

I woke up to a text message about how I'm making somebody in my life whom I love dearly miserable and depressed... I know that I frustrate her to no end, but that's not my intention. We probably are too alike which in my experience makes it more difficult to get along. I promised to try harder... I hope that is enough.

Then a friend messages me that she is in need, and while I help her as much as I can, it's not enough... she needs more help that I cannot provide.

I went to work out. Did my cardio (a treadmill workout of walking and running) and then a lower body workout with Sean. Actually I think this went okay.

But now it's gloomy and raining and all I want to do is cry and go back to bed... which is actually a better option than eating. Maybe this is an "aha" moment... emotional eating is part of the reason why I am so big.

I know I'll get through it -- ride out the day. One of my friends and I are supposed to get together tonight which should be fun. But for now, I think I'll take that nap...

Have a nice weekend!


Casey said...

I am sorry you had a bad day. IMO- you don't make someone depressed. Each person decides how they will respond to situations in their life. Your friend has to decide how she will respond to you. If you are causing her to be sad for some reason, her feedback may help you decide how you will respond to events in your life.

Enjoy your nap :)

The Carter Family said...

oh LP, i hope that your day got better!! Thinking of you!

ashley!nocera said...

When I read this I could totally relate to how you were feeling. Emotional eating has gotten a lot of us to the size that we are at now...I know it's gotten me all the way up to 254lbs at age 20. Emotional eating a tricky little fella...and it's a vicious cycle. But the important thing is that we are fixing it now. We're changing our lifestyles and making ourselves better...not just on the outside.. And thats a whole lot more than a lot of people can say in their lifetime. I know you feel like all you want to do is go back to bed, and that's normal, but think of all the progress you have made. Some days will be good, and others will be complete and utter crap, but the good thing is that you didn't give up. You still did your workout even though you weren't feeling that great. I'm sure that's a hell of a lot more than you could have said about yourself before you started this journey. Just try your best to keep your head up and your goal in sight. You'll get there! Today was a bad day, and that's alright. Just tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. I believe you can do it! For crying out loud, according to your weightloss tracker you've already lost 62lbs! That's amazing! Give yourself some credit...the credit you desrve! Keep it up, I'm rooting for you!