Friday, September 26, 2008

Counting your blessings...

Well day 2 of my NE reunion with family and friends has come to an end... Last night I stayed in Carmel, NY with my uncle and his family, including my paternal grandmother who suffered from a stroke in April that left her with an aphasia -- or an inability to communicate (she speaks, but gets all of her words confused and so you're often not sure of what she's trying to say or if she understands what you're saying...) My uncle has a heart of gold -- he's always giving to everyone. His house has a revolving door with a million people coming in and out and he and his family are very gracious hosts making sure their guests feel right at home.

So, after dinner, my grandmother asked me to come talk to her in her room (they've set up one of the bedrooms with some of her furniture so that she would feel more at home). She expressed a lot of frustration about losing her independence, not being able to come up with what she wants to say, and missing my grandfather. Then as clear as day she told me that she just wanted to be with him and that she always thought that they would "go together". This absolutely broke my heart. What do you say to something like that??? I reminded her of how she is surrounded by love here and that Grandpa is looking over her always, but I can't imagine that I really helped.

Anyway, my conversation with my grandma made me think about everything I have and how lucky I am. How in an instant the things and people that you value and love most can be taken away from you. So today, I urge you to count your blessings and let those you love know just how much you care. And to that end, thank you for all of your encouragement and support -- it means the world to me...

Looking forward to some more fun on this vacation this weekend partying with some girlfriends from HS and a reunion lunch with a dear old friend!!!

Have a blessed Friday!

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Nikki Carter said...

That was a very touching story, thank you for sharing!! Enjoy your trip, and have fun!! You deserve to have a good time on your birthday weekend!! See you when you get back!