Monday, September 29, 2008

You can go home again...

Well, my whirlwind trip to the NE is now over. I had such a wonderful time meeting up with all of my old friends. Everyone is so grown up and doing such great things... I am really so proud of all of them.

On Friday, we all arrived to the big reunion event. Our friend Jen has a lovely home in New Milford, CT and she graciously invited all of us to get together for a girls weekend. The plan was simple: good friends, great conversation, and fun times... We listened to 80's tunes, which included singing Bon Jovi and Bonnie Tyler at the top of our lungs, played beerpong and catchphrase, and drank some wine.

As you might imagine, not the healthiest of weekends. I promised myself I wouldn't stress about the cheating that would inevitably go on (there was a whole lot of "celebrating imperfection" on this trip). I had a wonderful time and have no real regrets... although I step on the scale to get some "feedback" tomorrow...

And so, come tomorrow it is time to get back on track. Going to the gym, staring a cleanse, and eating right. It may be hard (like going back to work after an awesome vacation) but I can do it... besides, I have to report to all of my loyal readers :)

Have a happy Monday night!

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